About Us

ACTANIS carries out the logistics related to industrial projects and project cargo, both oversized and Heavy Lift.

Our customer satisfaction is of main importance and is gained by carefully planning and performing our tasks, keeping high standard levels of professionalism and transparency.

We work with the most rigorous standards, turning our customers' needs into our own ones. Our experience, will, implication and own style towards the objective make ACTANIS a different way to achieve the satisfaction of our customers.

Plans are nothing, but planning is everything".

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Being Actanis Means

Having at your service a team of experts on project cargo logistics.

Go for a different style based on trust, transparency, dedication and eagerness, to achieve a total guarantee and the greatest efficiency.

Enjoying the peace of mind of having the best travel partner next to you. Your Project is our motivation.

Being ACTANIS is our way of understanding and living project cargo



We specialise in performing the logistics of turnkey industrial projects. Due to having a perfect understanding of this business sector, we can adapt to any segment of the logistics chain that suits our customers' needs.
We look for the best solutions for the different purchase conditions -INCOTERMS-, ensuring the maximum trust and reliability in logistics processes, both in the cargo's place of origin and the project's final destination.


Our position as a market leader in Seafreight chartering for Project cargo and Break Bulk allows us to offer our customers and logistic partners all our experience, achieving the best level in performing maritime shipments in the most competitive market conditions.
We place our team reputation at the disposal of our customers and partners.


We specialise in Heavy Lift transportation. A dedicated analysis of the pieces, together with a deep knowledge on how to transport them, are ACTANIS' guaranteed success in moving this type of equipment.
We are constantly proposing different technical alternatives and engineering solutions (stowage plans, lifting plans, lashing calculations, etc.), as well as coordinating the transport's operative (services providers and relevant authorities). ACTANIS' belief is that dedication and technical knowledge are the best ingredients to be successful in every operation.


Our transport engineering services are available to our customers, in which we include our suppliers' services and our own technical auditing.
We offer worldwide solutions for transport and lifting operations any type of cargo, both Heavy Lift and oversized.


Taking into consideration our total implication with the costumer, ACTANIS designs and make available the most optimal logistics strategy for an industrial project in the following situations: Customs: We analyse and propose the most appropriate methods to clear the cargo's customs duties at any destination and from any origin.
Logistics planning: We look for the right locations, methods/tools and accesses to transport cargo to any destination.
Purchase assistance: Our experience in designing the most favourable logistics scenarios is available to our customers in order to proceed with their purchases in the most efficient way.


ACTANIS' main activity sectors are:


ACTANIS have vast knowledge in the development of industrial turnkey projects in different worldwide locations.
We place this expereience to the full disposal of our customers.


    ACTANIS has the best tools to carry out projects for renewable energy plants.
    As a company, we embrace the need to preserve our planet and the strengthening of this sector towards a sustainable development. Therefore, we are constantly thinking about how to improve the logistics systems of this type of plants.


      Based on our extensive background knowledge in this sector, we offer a full range of services, from the logistics management of an offshore project to moving critical equipment of plants.

        HEAVY LIFT

        When talking about extraordinarily heavy cargo pieces, ACTANIS search for the solutions that offer the greatest guarantee, safety and trust for our customers.
        The use of high standards of knowledge and safety make our logistics plans for extraordinary heavy cargo a guaranteed success.

          POWER PLANTS

          ACTANIS has a strong position in this sector due to our experience in power plants logistics.
          We believe that the logistics solutions and specific knowledge we offer our customers in this sector will make the difference.

            XXL CARGO

            Nothing is excessively big to be transported if one has the right knowledge and tools. Finding the solutions to the challenges that appear in this type of transport is our motivation in front of our customers' needs.
            Trusting ACTANIS is a way of guaranteeing the transportation of any oversized cargo from any origin and to any destination in the world.


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